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The key to successful design is …

Garden visits, shows and plant nurseries, as well as magazines or others will provide anyone wishing to change their garden with a wealth of inspirations. But remember, the key to successful design is not collecting ideas and trying to combine all of them into one space. Rather, it is a progress of reviewing and editing a range of ideas, with the aim of developing a coherent overall appearance for your garden, whether you are revamping a mature plot or starting with a blank canvas at e new house.

A good way of approaching this is to have a clear image of the look you are hoping to achieve and to carefully select elements, features, materials, and plants that combine to produce a unified composition, rather than a jumble of parts. Make notes, collect pictures, and sketch ideas. Some starting points you can find in my gallery of examples. Click link below and start creating your beautiful garden.

Credit: Encyclopedia of Landscape Design
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