What do you want to do in your garden?

Your garden is an extension of your house and it should provide a place for you to enjoy life to the full. When Thinking about any changes that you may make to the yard, it is important to consider how you propose to use the space, not just now but in the future. This can range from keeping very busy, to doing as little as possible at the other extreme. Ask yourself a series of questions about the yard’s many roles. Do you want a space for entertaining, a play area while the children are young, or simply a peaceful but beautiful yard in which to relax when you have free tome?

Bear in mind that your needs, and those of your family, are likely to change with time, and that it may be more difficult to make significant changes to the garden in the future as it establishes and matures. Ideally, come up with flexible ideas that can be adapted. A range of different requirements might suggest the creation of separate and possibly hidden areas within the same yard.

Credit: Encyclopedia of Landscape Design

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