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You’re not satisfied with your garden?

Do you dream of stepping into a beautiful, a modern, low maintenance and sustainable garden?

I design luxury outdoors that make you feel good and bring emotional peace.

Our service is thoughtful and personal.We provide you with an inspiring vision and give you tools and resources to get the interiors you deserve.

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Artistic Garden Design Process

Your happiness is our end goal, therefore our process is precise and rigorous. We identify your needs, guide you the design process, incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly practices, give you tools and resources to bring the garden of your dreams to life!


Start with contact us by phone or e-mail and tell us about your garden goals, priorities and preferences.

After our first conversation you will get via e-mail a questionnaire so you need to fill and send me during 24 hours. It helps me understand all your preferences and speed up our process before we visit your garden. Welcome to share with us any inspirational photos of gardens you like.A completed questionnaire, area sizes, inspiration images, and photos are the preliminary pieces we need to get started

Garden Design Consultation
Garden Visit


The design process begins with a complimentary consultation. This first meeting is to discover and decide if working together is a good fit and to gather as much information as possible that will help us tailor the proposed design to meet your hopes, sensibilities, and budget.

If it seems like a fit and both parties want to move forward, will put together a design proposal. The proposal will include scaled plans, a cost analysis, a planting list with images, samples of proposed materials.


Every project begins with a plan. Garden Designs Services offers scaled drawings, 3D presentations, and ready to purchase material lists.
In the first step you will receive 2 drawings of initial concept that we can review together to finalize your preferences to create the space of your dreams. After the proposal is given to you, we can make all changes you need based on discussion. We would like to meet your goals, scope of work, budget and elements the design you love and would like to expand or conversely any elements you rather go without, plant palette, and/or materials selection.

Our designs include multiple online consultation.

2-4 weeks to 2 months

Receive garden design


Now that you have a picture of the garden and knowledge, it will be easier for you to manage gardening. Thanks to all the materials you have written down, it will help you plan your shopping in places that are good for you. You can make a garden quickly or stretch in time.
You will receive your Landscape Design via e-mail, the plans also are going to be printed and delivered on our meeting or sent by mail. Your Garden Design include:

  • A personalized inspirational Conceptual Design
  • Blue Print for your contractor
  • Plant and Material List
  • 3D visualizations and Movie
  • Style and Implementation Guide
  • Product purchase list


It’s time to build your garden!

After a plan has been settled on, the building process begins with a sign a contract. It includes an installation schedule, committing us to install within a given timeline, and it includes a payment schedule, committing you, the client, to pay us according to a given timeline.

Once the contract is approved by both parties, installation will be scheduled. Though the timeline varies based on the scope of any project, a typical will usually run for two to six weeks.
Artistic Garden Design Services can manage all aspects of landscape construction. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination and budget.

Build your artistic garden

The fee for online outdoor design starts at $1,000 per area.


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