How do you want to feel in your garden?

wooden patio on the garden pond

Garden stimulate emotions upon entering a garden we respond to our surroundings. When planning a new design, you may choose to be bombarded with sensory stimulation, a riot of vibrant color, textural diversity, or striking features to excite and energize the spirit. Or you might want a place for quiet reflection and contemplation, or even a space for therapy and healing, such a calm, simple garden with evergreens and reflective pool. If you have enough land, it might be possible to demarcate different areas for different moods by making effective use of screening or tall plants. Creating a new design for a garden provides an opportunity to change or enhance the atmosphere of each area through layout, distribution of path and spaces, and light touches of detail and decoration. Color, shape, fragrance, and foliage will also affect the tone, and by using these elements you can help to foster positive moods and emotions.
credit: Encyklopedia of landscape design
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