Healing gardens promote health after illness and improve general physical and mental well-being.

This is nothing new! Since ancient times, gardens have served as a places of healing. Now, more and more is being understood about how we can improve our health with natural methods. Having a wisely organized garden full of therapeutic and antiseptic plants around the home gives us the opportunity to surround ourselves with natural healing properties.

Lush greenery, beautiful flowers, trees, bodies of water, fluttering butterflies, song birds, and all kinds of natural sounds make a garden of any size a place of peace and reflection that reduces stress and anxiety.

With proper changes, even the simplest outdoor space can transform into a garden that has a big impact on your health.

The secrets to the best therapeutic gardens are choosing the right plants, growing healthy foods, low maintenance costs, and ergonomic access to tending the garden. These fundamental factors create an ideal garden that lowers stress and supports healing.

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