Capture Water with a Good Garden Design

Using a variety of design principles in your garden, you can retain moisture where you need it and assist run-off in areas that get too wet.  Some key principles to apply are:

  • Select plants that are native to your area – choose low water use plants that grow without the use of synthetic fertilizers???, or use water-loving plant species that suck up moisture in boggy areas.
  • Transform your lawn – plant a beautiful landscape that saves water.
  • Use the right selection of soils to foster plant growth and suppress disease.
  • Use diversion drains and rain gardens to help intercept and redirect water flow. This will help water seep slowly into the ground where you want it rather than being lost into drains or additionally causing erosion.
  • Remove unnecessary lower branches and leaves from trees to lessen the tree’s water requirements.
  • Accumulate plant debris to produce a natural compost for use in your garden as a fertilizer.
  • Plan a water-wise irrigation system that is adjusted to reflect your plants seasonal water needs.

Irrigate your garden using rainwater and reduce your water bill.

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