DIY Home Projects: Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

August 11, 2020 by Julia Weaver The internet is great for many things. We can stay in touch with relatives living in Atlanta or Sacramento, online shop from almost anywhere, or find ideas and inspiration for all kinds of home projects. DIY home projects can be enticing – saving money and adding value to your home so you can be… continue reading »


rocks and stone handmade cottage naturalistic and sustainable garden with wooden sculpture fence

Our Inspiration may initially come from other gardens, whether they are our friends or pictures we have found online or in books or magazines. While this is a good starting point, and probably the best stimulus for anyone who is still developing their confidence in making design decisions, it can ultimately constrain the creative process…. continue reading »



The amount of time you must devote to your yard on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis should be a major consideration when thinking about an overall design and its future maintenance.


garden-lights-barbecue-outdoor-garden-furniture-garden design bay area california

The key to successful design is … Garden visits, shows and plant nurseries, as well as magazines or others will provide anyone wishing to change their garden with a wealth of inspirations. But remember, the key to successful design is not collecting ideas and trying to combine all of them into one space. Rather, it… continue reading »

How do you want to feel in your garden?

wooden patio on the garden pond

Garden stimulate emotions upon entering a garden we respond to our surroundings. When planning a new design, you may choose to be bombarded with sensory stimulation, a riot of vibrant color, textural diversity, or striking features to excite and energize the spirit. Or you might want a place for quiet reflection and contemplation, or even… continue reading »

What do you want to do in your garden?

Your garden is an extension of your house and it should provide a place for you to enjoy life to the full. When Thinking about any changes that you may make to the yard, it is important to consider how you propose to use the space, not just now but in the future. This can… continue reading »

Capture Water with a Good Garden Design

Using a variety of design principles in your garden, you can retain moisture where you need it and assist run-off in areas that get too wet.  Some key principles to apply are: Select plants that are native to your area – choose low water use plants that grow without the use of synthetic fertilizers???, or… continue reading »

Wedgwood wins gold for show garden at inaugural RHS Chatsworth

California native plants and sustainable landscaping-garden design Peninsula, Bay Area, California

Wedgwood Garden – A Classic Re-Imagined was designed by Sam Ovens.Photo: Wedgwood During the 2017 Royal Horticulture Society (RHS) Chatsworth Flower Show, Wedgwood unveiled its debut show garden which is open to the public, as part of a three-year partnership with the RHS. Creator of Wedgwood’s gold medal winning show garden, Sam Ovens, is a multi-award-winning designer… continue reading »

Garden Idea A Perfumer’s Garden in Grasse

A Perfumer’s Garden in Grasse L’Occitane was delighted to presented to Chelsea in 2015 with a show garden, bringing to life the sights and scents of Grasse “the world capital of perfumery” with the help of award-winning L’Occitane’s La Collection de Grasse fragrances were inspired and named after this famous town in the south of… continue reading »

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