“Bringing people closer to beautiful and healthy places”


Designer, founder, and garden expert, who combines the healing properties of plants by composing them in gardens with high artistic value. She is also  professional certified by a WaterSense labeled program QWEL (Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper) and is able create an eco-friendly space serving both form and function.

Born and raised in Poland. Olga spent her childhood under the tutelage of her parent’s business producing ceramic art and clay-fired garden pot production. After graduating at Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Poland and becoming an engineer and Master of Landscape Architect, she worked for many years running her own garden business, designing and constructing gardens.  Olga currently resides in Bay Area, CA. She works full-time as a garden designer, help peoples build their beautiful spaces. Since 2003, she has built many private gardens, small and large, several parks and other areas of public space.


I dedicate this service to those who are eco-conscious, enjoy eating locally sourced organic food, spend time in nature and live active lifestyles. People who understand that they’re part of a larger ecosystem, where nature and humans are integrated. People who have already discovered that they can draw from nature the energy to restore their mental balance, to keep a distance from daily worries and to take on new challenges.

Why an Artistic Garden? Nature has been inspiring artists since our first paintings and there is still something magical about a Monet landscape. Just as nature inspires art, I love ensuring gardens retain the artistic values originally inspired by nature. I love that I have been given the opportunity to share art and nature with others, merging our landscapes with the relaxing spaces we aspire to visit when we want to “get away from it all.”

Our common goal is the creation and honing of your private garden space, to allow you to live in harmony with yourself, others and the world. A space that will fulfill not only an aesthetic role but also a therapeutic one.



Olga Stritar

707 623 1828